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We always try to push the boundaries of Architecture and give meaning to what Namibian Architecture is all about. In Namibia and especially the central parts of the country, the opportunity exists to engage and connect with the outdoors due to the climate. Outdoor spaces that connect seamlessly with the indoors give the sense of being part of the land and not only celebrate the architecture but the context as well. Architecture should be contextual and should communicate where it is from. We strive to achieve and establish this dialogue between building and context.




I am the founder and owner of Zwart Architects. Since High School, I was pretty sure pursuing Architecture as a career was what I wanted to do, and enrolled at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth to study Bachelor of Architecture.


I came back to Namibia after earning my bachelor's degree and worked for a year at the biggest architectural firm at the time. This year gave me invaluable experience that shaped the remainder of my career. Following my year of experience, I returned to the university to finish my Master of Architecture.

After the completion of my studies, I went back to my home town Walvis Bay where I started working at a smaller practice. Here I learned a lot about the professional and administrative side of things. I was also blessed with a great mentor who really helped me become a better Architect.

After about 5 years of employment I decided to take the jump and pursue my own business in Windhoek and this is where I am today. 

What I find extremely important is that you should always stay humble and be teachable. The field of Architecture is endless.

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